A collection of wonderful people, books, films and more that inspire me!

"there is no healthier drug than creativity." - Nayyirah Waheed



Aram Raffy - Aram Yoga

Aram is both a dear friend and a seriously fun yoga teacher! He's just his amazing self and that's why I enjoy hanging out, running retreats and attending his classes.

He introduced me to the most wonderful teachers when I first moved to London and is the reason why I got back into practising yoga regularly.

Aram also plays the best tunes in his classes!

Roland Torikian - Maya Medicine

The first time I met Roland he took one look at me and told me that I have a weak liver. He helped me regain my health and wellbeing with his consistent support and insight of Maya Healing. He recommended I do a year long cleanse in order to reset my system. This included liver cleanses, sweat lodges, consultations with him, energetic cleanses & regular exercise. 

I would not be where I am today if our paths didn't cross!

Jools Sampson - Reclaim your self yoga retreats

Jools is the reason why I started working as a retreat chef. She believed in me and took me under her wing, after throwing me in at the deep end and hiring me to work on one of her larger retreats in Tuscany! 

She has been running yoga retreats since 2005 at some of the most beautiful locations around the world. We work together regularly have just released a new collaboration for a Wholistic Cooking Retreat in February 2018.

I am forever grateful to her for all her support!

Vishnu Prasad - Swasthi Yoga

Vishnu is more than a yoga teacher, he is a kind and generous being. His classes are what kept me sane when I moved to Qatar!

I love how he would remember where everyone in the class was at and would give them the faith to continue to grow. He would say "This is pose is now expired, time to move to the next one!"

He inspired me to believe in myself and to do things I would have never imagined I could do, both on and off the mat.

Stewart Gilchrist

Stewart is known throughout London for his popular,innovative, authentic dynamic classes. I was introduced to him by Aram Raffy at a time when I was really struggling with sciatica. He helped me through it with simple daily asanas, breathing techniques and tough love in his classes! 

Stew was also one of the forces behind me leading a plant based lifestyle. I remember him discussing ahimsa in class (non-harming/ non-violence) and the transfer of energy from the animal before it dies, into your body when you consume it. That was a true a-ha moment for me and has stayed with me to this day. He also was the first person to introduce me to about David Wolfe!

Meera Gurnani saxena

Meera is an incredible health coach & whole foods chef who specialises in women's health. I found her online a few years back and she helped me understand how to balance my hormones naturally. Without her support I wold have probably been on thyroid medication right now.

The thing I love about her is that she is also on the journey to wellness herself and can really sympathise with you on a deeper level.